Decorative Pavers

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to pavers. So many different styles, shapes, thicknesses, colors, etc.

Pavers are not only very functional, they are asthetically pleasing and can tansform your home or commercial space.

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Cobblestone patios and paths give a property a unique look. With a variety of options and colors, cobblestone allows our clients to choose the style of the stonework. From modern to classic, cobblestone is one of the most aesthetically pleasing yet functional renovations. With high quality materials V & F Paving’s masons take great care in designing and implementing your cobblestone work so that it lasts for years to come.

With quality and customer service as our top priorities we guarantee your satisfaction with your new custom stonework. We’re happy to include our clients in the design and implementation process, making sure your project is stress free. At V & F Paving we look forward to exceeding your expectations with beautifully designed and artfully installed cobblestone.